Your people are your competitive advantage

…give them the best chance of success from Day 1.


Starting a new leadership role is both an exciting and overwhelming experience.  Organisations often fail to appreciate that career transitions are hugely complex; an emotional and learning rollercoaster for even the most experienced of leaders.


40% of newly appointed leaders will fail, leave or burnout within 18 months of starting a new role.  Shocking, right?  However, not surprising given the challenges and expectations on leaders these days.


What is just as shocking, is that only 9% of organisations are providing adequate support during onboarding.  So leaders take on more responsibility, more pressure, yet receive less support.


Investing in your leaders from Day 1 and supporting them navigate their transition is not only the right thing to do, it will give them (and you) that competitive advantage, and the best chance of success.


Let me show you how…

Our onboarding accelerator programmes and transition planning sessions will have your leaders laser-focused and up to speed in no time.


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Coaching Benefits


Employees want to feel valued and the best way to show value is to invest in them as an individual – they are your greatest asset and your competitive advantage.


  • Increased productivity & accelerated learning curve

  • Retention of your talent & increased career confidence

  • Confident & authentic leaders

  • Strategic focus & goal-achievement

  • Increased energy, resilience and motivation

  • Greater creativity & problem solving, driving innovation

  • Improved self awareness & emotional intelligence

  • Greater employee engagement

  • Regular feedback & self reflection time

  • Improved employee wellbeing & burnout prevention

Coaching Programmes


Each of our coaching programmes is tailored to your organisation, and your leaders. We spend time getting to know your values and your culture, working as an independent extension of your team. A trusted coaching partner and a flexible resource.  We are UK based, however, offer virtual coaching to clients in all corners of the globe.


Here are our most popular programmes:

What My Clients Say

Throughout the whole period of working with Jenn she was full of positive energy which was shining through during any conversation. Jenn encouraged creative thinking ..and led me to invent my own ways to achieving goals and awesome results

Talent Manager

Jenn helped give me the confidence to become an authentic leader who speaks my mind and is focused on helping my team develop and grow.

Global VP, Business Development

Working with Jenn gave me a dedicated time and a non-judgemental environment to talk through goals I wanted to achieve, and the things stopping me from achieving them, which was usually me!

Pharmaceutical Business Director

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