Set yourself up for success from day 1


Whether you are being promoted, joining a new org or launching your own business, career transitions are hugely complex and an emotional and learning roller-coaster for even the most experienced of leaders.


Investing in your development will give you a competitive advantage, and the best chance of success. Whatever challenges lie ahead, I will be there as a sound board, your ultimate secret weapon!


I work as a confidential partner, supporting and challenging you, helping you cut through the complexity, so you reach your goals faster. Removing the overwhelm and noise, so you can focus on laying the right foundations.


So, whether you are looking for a transition plan to start off on the right foot, or specialist support to navigate the challenges of your first months – I have you covered. Let’s chat!

Coaching is your secret weapon to navigating your next career transition.


Coaching is adapted to your needs and bespoke for you. In order to uncover which programme is best, take a look below, and get in touch. 


NB - Coaching is virtual unless otherwise organised. Prices start from £2000.

Coaching Favourites


Career Transition 'LaunchPad'

The “Launchpad” option kick-starts with a 3 hour coaching intensive, which will give you a boost of confidence and get you laser-focused so you can hit the ground running. Working to set you up for success.  


  • 360 to identify strengths and areas for development and growth
  • Develop your transition “vision” and get clear on what success looks like
  • Build an initial action plan to lay the foundations in your new role
  • Identify any personal “de-railers”, and explore tools to overcome
  • 4 week follow up session to reflect on progress and adjust 

TOP 3 OUTCOMES:  confidence – clarity – focus 

Transition Accelerator

This 3 – 6 month programme is your secret weapon to confidently navigating those critical first 90 days.  A confidential “sounding board”, keeping you laser-focused and ensuring you are prioritising the key activities so as to lay your foundations early.


There is a reason this signature programme is our most popular!

  • 2 hour intensive kick-off and goal setting session
  • 3 – 6 months 1to1 coaching support, fortnightly virtual coaching sessions
  • Mon-Fri full access to your coach for when you need a quick call (or sanity check)
  • Celebrate wins – overcome hurdles 
  • Protected time for reflecting on progress and adjusting plan
  • Develop the confidence and tools to sustain future growth

DURATION: 3 or 6 months virtual coaching + Mon-Fri access for support as needed

KEY OUTCOMES:  Lay foundations – accelerate learning – quick wins and early success in your new role

“Jenn was my secret weapon or rocket fuel who got me to where I wanted to be in an incredibly short amount of time.”



So, what should you expect working together?

  • GET LASER-FOCUSED on what success looks like in your new role

  • HAVE THE ‘HEADSPACE’, to focus on what is important and build your vision

  • SET REALISTIC goals, and build momentum towards achieving them

  • CREATE A TRANSITION PLAN to prioritise, and stay on track

  • FEEL SUPPORTED as you step outside your comfort zone

  • BUILD CONFIDENCE in your ability, and who you are as a leader


“It isn’t an understatement to say that working with Jenn for six months was transformative.”



Schedule a 30 min free call with me to discuss what’s going on for you right now, and how coaching can support you.


As a trained ICF Coach & Coach Trainer, I adhere to the ICF Ethics & Guidelines.


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